LORELEI Tempting - Small sable chisel shader

LORELEI Tempting - Small sable chisel shader

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“enticing or inviting through strong appeal”

Chisel Eye Shader - Kolinsky Sable



  • Powder eye shadow along lash line and under eye or under brow
  • Eyeliner - smokey look
  • Smudging pencil liner into the lash line


  • Precision eye shadow
  • Pigment, cream, gel or liquid



This will achieve very fine lines that can be easily blended on one side

  1. Place brush into product and wipe off excess liquid or tap off excess powder so you have control of the application.
  2. Using long strokes or short sweeps of the brush, either on the flat side for the outer corner or from the slim end you can create shapes and fine lines in the crease that can be blended upwards.  It is perfect for precise placement under your eye close to the lash line or to delicately highlight directly under your brow.


  • Powder, liquid, cream or gel, it is a versatile brush so play around with it!  Powder will have a slightly blended look; gel will look solid but is not as solid a line as a liquid will get you
  • Being that it is made out of sable hair, it is perfect for eye shadow, will hold onto the product for a great application and is soft around the eye area