LORELEI Tantalizing - Precision Eye Shader

LORELEI Tantalizing - Precision Eye Shader

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“to excite the senses or desires of others”

Precision Eye Shader - Kolinsky Sable



  • Great for adding a tiny sparkle to inner corner of the eye
  • Highlight under the eyebrow
  • Can be used wet or dry


  • Precision work with dark or light eyeshadow
  • Precision with lip colours


This brush is perfect for doing precision work to make you look extra special 


  1. Load the brush with product, pat excess on to side of hand or tap to remove so you have control of the application
  2. Pat, glide or draw with either the flat side or the slim edge
  • At lash line to create illusion of thicker lashes, or underneath to balance out your eyes
  • To create very precise highlights or tiny contours
  • A pop of glitter, shimmer or colour at the corners, under your brow or in the middle of the eye


  • Use this brush if doing a special effect like an ombre lip as it will help to get the perfect amount of gradient and easily does the corners and cupids bow.


  • Try a more intense look by mixing a paste of shadow or pigment and a sealer or mixer product.  This will give you an extra shimmer or pop of colour that will last
  • Best used with powder products but small enough to work well with liquids, cremes and gels.