LORELEI Seductive - Precision pencil brush

LORELEI Seductive - Precision pencil brush

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“drawing attention with alluring qualities”

Precision Pencil - Pointed



  • Smudging liners
  • Applying shadow along lash line or under the eye
  • Drawing in your crease to give depth
  • Inner and outer corner highlights
  • Powder shadow
  • Lipstick


  • Precision eye shading and 'cat eye'
  • Creating a crease where there is none
  • Eyeliner - medium to thick
  • Pigment, cream, gel, liquid or glitter


This brush is handy as you use it like you would a pencil, which makes application a breeze.


  1. Apply pencil liner
  2. Using your clean brush, gently smudge the edges of the pencil line with the tip of the brush to give a softer effect without making the line bigger or smoky looking.  Use the side of the brush if you would like to achieve that.
  3. Repeat if a heavier look is desired.


This will achieve a softly blended line if used with powders and pigments

  1. Place the brush into product and tap off excess powder as so you have control of the application.
  2. Using long strokes or short sweeps of the brush, draw an arched line in the crease of the eye socket or where you would like to create one.
  3. Blend it if required, repeat if desired.
  4. if you want to, balance your eye makeup by doing the under eye, and connecting the two lines.
  5. Try highlighting directly under your brow.  Make sure you are using a clean brush to do so.
  6. Place a tiny shimmer or a fine glitter in the inner corner of your eye at the end point and/or tear duct and blend edges softly


  • Try little swirling motions in the crease
  • It is perfectly shaped to get a short flick at the end of your liner with little effort
  • Dip into glitter and place in the inner corner of eye for some dazzle.