LORELEI Luxe - Angled brow brush and spoolie

LORELEI Luxe - Angled brow brush and spoolie

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“The condition of being elegantly impressive”


Angled Liner

  • Brows or eye liner application
  • Soft wide section through to sharp fine lines
  • Powder, gel or pencil
  • Wet or dry

Spoolie wand

  •  Tame brows
  • Soften and blend brow products
  • Remove mascara clumps for a clean separated look



  • Dry powder for a soft and more natural effect
  • Wet powder for a sharper finish
  • Gel for a sharp and professional look


  • Swirl brush into gel, tilt your head back and start at the outer corner where the lashes begin.  Sweep towards inner corner, as far as you can in a smooth sweep motion, about half way is usually comfortable.  Do the same motion from the inner corner of the eye to meet with the end of the 1st stroke.


  • Brows are not always symmetrical, 'sisters not twins, you can fix this up with using a growth serum and a good brow specialist or you can learn how to draw them on well to even them up
  • Using a concealer pencil around the edges of your brow with or without product will give the illusion of straighter, stronger or more naturally defined brows.  Try 'Elusive' our concealer brush with long straight bristles, perfect for creating straight lines or edges for sharpness.