LORELEI Intriguing - Cream shadow

LORELEI Intriguing - Cream shadow

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“arousing ones curiosity or interest”

Cream Shadow - Flat and Tapered



  • Cream eye shadows
  • Concealing or light reflecting for flawless features


  • Highlight or low light with precision


This brush can be used in two ways.

  1. Evenly on the flat side-sweeping, 'pat and roll' motions or tapping it into the skin.  Blend with tapered tip of the brush with minimal product on it.
  2. Precisely with the tip-finely draw it onto the area you require and blend edges if needed



  • Some cream shadows are waterproof or long wearing, figure out if you should use a primer underneath and apply if necessary.  
  • Do not put on top of powder as it will not perform properly


  • Blending the edges with a clean fluffy brush is a good way to get the perfect look.
  • When doing around your eyebrows use the flat edge as it helps with a clean sharp line