LORELEI Immortalizing - Flat, tapered and pointed foundation

LORELEI Immortalizing - Flat, tapered and pointed foundation

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“to cause someone or something to be remembered forever”

Foundation - Flat Tapered



  • Applying moisturiser and primer
  • Foundation application
  • Concealing


  • Highlighting
  • Contouring


This can be considered as a base before contour and highlighting

  1. With liquid or cream foundation, place product onto the flat side of the brush and dot evenly around the face and décolletage if it is seen.
  2. Use tiny strokes, tapping and/or pat and roll motions to create an even and full coverage.
  3. Finish off the foundation with the tapered tip of the brush around the nose, eyes and lips.
  4. Make sure to blend the edges well (if you have trouble with blending, use the Foundation Buffer Brush around the edge of your application).


  • Use liquid foundation for a good coverage or a creme foundation for full coverage and a flawless finish.
  • Only one side of the brush is needed, as product will not penetrate far into the bristles.
  • Try not to drag the brush down your face as this will not leas to a perfect finished look.