LORELEI Graceful - Precision lines

LORELEI Graceful - Precision lines

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“having a smooth, attractive and pleasing shape or style"

Precision Liner - Tapered fine point



  • Thin line directly at lash line to create illusion of thicker lashes
  • Gel or cream


  • Create flicks, fine lines and anywhere through to the perfectly shaped thick cat liner
  • A pop of colour or glitter liner
  • Liquid, glitters and pigments with mixing medium


There are many different ways of doing eyeliner; here is a common basic method

  1. Swirl brush into a gel, cream or liquid liner getting a small amount of product. Wipe off any excess on the side of the container.
  2. Tilt your head back, chin up looking down the bridge of your nose at your eyes and raise your eyebrows for maximum vision and natural tautness.  Try holding the outer corner of your eye, not to pull it tight but to rest it gently as so you have more stability and control when you start to draw.
  3. Start in the inner corner where the lashes begin.  With minimal product on your brush, sweep towards outer corner, as far as you can do in a smooth sweep motion, about half way is usually comfortable.  If you have trouble with that, do tiny placing or pushing into the lash line and move along and repeat until you have formed a line.
  4. Do the same motion from the outer to meet the end of the 1st stroke.  Put more product onto your brush if you need to.
  5. Return to the very inner corner where there are no lashes and finish off the line, very finely.  Try holding the brush on an angle nearly parallel to your skin as so you can merely touch the area, it should have enough product placed to make it look tapered.  If it is too thick in the middle it may make your eyes look closer together.


  • If you have trouble with getting too much liner in the inner corners, the do that part last with the brush after it has minimal product on it.
  • You can change the shape of your eyes by using different shaped liners eg round, oval, close together, further apart or larger