Glow Programme

Glow Programme

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Your journey to skin success, mapped out for you.  

With a firm focus on how to get 'that glow'


Is this for you?

This programme has been designed to give you knowledge around how your skin is functioning, why it looks the way it does and how you can properly take care of it gaining optimum skin health and clarity.  

Whats included:

Full skin health consultation

Chinese diagnostic face mapping

3 Step cleansing tutorial 

3 Facial Peels tailor made to your skin needs

10% off further facial courses*

10% off first skincare purchase


What you'll learn:

1. How to cleanse.  You'll learn the 3 step professional cleanse tailor made to your skin type designed to leave your skin clear and bump free!

2. How and when to use your skincare inc tips, tricks and trade secrets!

3. A better understanding of your skin type and how to correct any imperfections.

Programme worth - $405