LORELEI Exquisite - Domed powder

LORELEI Exquisite - Domed powder

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“of extreme beauty to arouse intense delight"

Powder - Domed


Novice to Skilled:

  • Set liquids and creams  for long wear, anti shine or for matting skin
  • Dusts a medium to light coverage depending on application and product used
  • Loose, pressed, translucent, mineral, bronzer, shimmers, matte, highlight or finishing powders over the face or body


  1. Swirl brush gently into product and tap off any excess
  2. Sweep the brush down the face or where ever it is needed, in small flicking motions to apply coverage or set foundation
  3. Repeat if you desire more coverage

NB This brush will not pick up too much product due to high quality synthetic bristles, giving you more control on the level of coverage you require


  • After use, buff powder into the skin with clean buff brush on cheekbones to give the skin a nice sheen and an airbrushed finish
  • To avoid facial hair standing out, make sure to sweep brush downwards