LORELEI Elusive - Tapered concealer

LORELEI Elusive - Tapered concealer

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“Skilfully making it difficult to see things”

Concealer - Flat and Tapered



  • Concealing or light reflecting for flawless features


  • Highlighting with precision
  • Cream eye shadows in smaller areas


This brush can be used in two ways. 

  1. Evenly on the flat side - sweeping, 'pat and roll' motions or tapping it into the skin.  Blend with tapered tip of the brush with minimal product on it.
  2. Precisely with the tip - finely draw it onto the area you require and blend edges if needed.


  • 'Pat and roll' or tiny sweeping motions - start off with a light application and build on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, reflecting or covering dark circles, directly under eyes is personal preference.  Do the corners of the nose, and any spots, pimples, scars broken capillaries or skin discolouration. Be sure to blend the edges of application for flawless look.
  • Straight lines and long sweeps - around brows and lips using the flat side of the brush.  Blend only the edge that is not needed for a defining sharp line

HIGHLIGHTER / CONTOUR (precision areas)

  • Straight lines and long sweeps - Highlighting the bridge of nose and cupids bow for dimension.  Low light the inner and outer corners of eyes for depth, between chin and lip for fuller lips, the sides of nose for shape.  Blend with a clean brush free of product for the best outcome; try LORELEI 'Controlling' fluffy blender for best results.

CREAM SHADOW (smaller areas)

  • Using a good eye shadow primer beforehand is helpful with the product setting and helps avoid creasing later in the day, but try it on product free skin also to figure out what works best for your particular cream shadow.
  • Get enough product on your brush for a good application
  • Do tiny sweeping motions where desired - Inner or outer corners, under eyes, crease or under brow and blend the edges with the tapered tip.



  • Blending the edges with a clean fluffy brush is a good way to get the perfect look.  Try our LORELEI fluffy blender brush 'Controlling'
  • When doing around your eyebrows, use the flat edge as so it helps with a clean sharp line
  • If your eye area has fine lines or large wrinkles, try to use concealers that reflect the light away instead of a heavy coverage as it will enhance the creases by product settling into them
  • To take away from a very dark under eye, use corrective colour concealing, light reflective powder very lightly, then smudge a little brown shadow in and under bottom lashes, it detracts from the darkness.
  • Concealer can be done before or after foundation, or alone depending on your colour match
  • Not all people suit bringing the concealer right up to the lash line.  Try different spots, outer corners, inner corners, dotted all the way along, to see what looks best on you


  • Some cream shadows are waterproof or long wearing, figure out if you should use a primer underneath and apply if necessary.  We like to apply it to a product free lid to avoid 'balling' of the cream
  • Do not put on top of powder, if you put cream shadow on top of powder eye shadow, it will not perform properly.  Powder shadow can be used over to enhance the density of colour
  • Have a blending fluff brush close by to blend before to sets