LORELEI Elegance - Small sable eye shader

LORELEI Elegance - Small sable eye shader

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“Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”

Small Eye Shader - Kolinsky Sable



  • Adding smaller bursts of colours or shimmers
  • Under eye application of shadow


  • Refining eye shadow work with darker colours to create detailed shapes


  1. Load the brush up with product, pat excess onto side of hand or tap to remove so you have control of the application.
  2. Push, pat, glide or draw with either the flat side or the slim edge to create small highlights, fine contours or a pop of glitter, shimmer or colour.


  • This is a great brush for the middle of the lid to create more shape with a lighter shade
  • Under the eyes this brush is the perfect size
  • Try a more intense look by mixing a paste of shadow or pigment and a sealer or mixer product.  This will give you an extra shimmer or pop of colour that will last