LORELEI Controlling - Dusting and blending

LORELEI Controlling - Dusting and blending

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“Having a dominant influence over"

Small multi use - Fluffy synthetic



  • Blending eyeshadow
  • Application of eye shadow - sheer to medium coverage


  • Blending concealer
  • Contouring or setting powder to small specific areas


When used for eye shadow, this brush gives a smooth, consistent and even application of sheer to medium coverage.  Also try using it to blend powder or cream shadows and the edges of your concealer, for a professional looking finish.


  • As an all over base colour to begin
  • All over the lid for a soft effect (it creates no hard lines as it blends slightly as it applies)
  • Applying a light coverage of colour to the crease as it makes no edges when applied due to the shape and nature of the brush
  • With shimmer powders/pigments/glitters to give a light dusting of sparkle that is not precise


  • Blur lines of blemishes covered with concealer by using a product free brush.  Do tiny gentle circles around the edges to fade them out
  • Blend edges of your powder or cream eye shadow application with tiny sweeping motions making sure to wipe brush clean of product between eyes


  • Sweep a small amount to desired areas; wipe brush free of product and buff into skin by doing tiny circles for the best finish.  Try under your eyes, T-Zone and around your lips for a soft definition


  • Place setting or foundation powder in small places (under eyes, corners of nose)
  • Contouring powders on sides of nose, temples, under bottom lip


  • Use a liquid cream or powder shimmer or highlight above your cheekbone to enhance a more sculptured look



  • Before you apply, tap excess product off to avoid an uneven coverage
  • This brush is made with high grade synthetic bristles which has no follicle to catch product.  This helps pick up a small amount of product creating a softer loo, and with blending, by not removing your product
  • This is a must have brush due to its multi uses on the face and with types of products
  • Start in hairline downwards so you do not get too much product on your face, then brush towards your ears as so it does not creep down your face
  • Blush should not get much lower than nostrils or past pupil
  • Do not smile and apply blusher, the colour may be too low on your face
  • Apply blusher to the highest point of your cheekbone
  • If you apply too much powder blush, use a translucent powder to tame it down
  • If you apply too much cream blush, use your foundation brush with residue to dull it down 
  • If you apply along your cheekbone, try skinny figure 8 motions as this will help achieve the best blended look