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LORELEI Charming - Angled blush and contour

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“Influencing by using beauty and attractiveness”

 Blusher - Angled



  • Applying blush to the apples of cheeks or on cheekbone, whichever suits your face shape
  • Powder or cream


  • Low lighting the hollows of cheeks with contouring powder


  1. Load the brush up with product and dust off excess on back of hand as so you are not placing heavy pigment directly onto skin.
  2. If applying to apples of cheeks, small swirl motions on the highest point of the bone, generally in line with the outer corner of the eye.  If on the length of the cheekbone, do the first sweep from temple in case there is too much product on brush then continue with small light strokes back towards ears or if you can manage try the slim figure 8 technique as this gives you a beautiful look and can help eliminate a stripe on your face.  If you are using for contouring in the hollows of your cheeks then only do small sharp sweeps downwards.
  3. Make sure edges are blended; this brush is tapered to help with this.
  4. Repeat until desired look is achieved.

Optional:  Buff into skin with a clean buffer brush to create a more even and natural-looking finish or just buff edges to blend in well need be.

N.B. Generally powder is good for oily skin and cream is great for dry.  Never put a cream over a powder, as it will ball up.  Powder your foundation before using a powder blush as so it has something to glide over and not cling to the skin in a blotchy manor.


  • One rule, once powder has been put on, only powder products can go on top
  • If you are using  a powder blush you must apply it on a powdered face or it will grab onto the oils in your skin in a blotchy pattern
  • If using a cream or liquid blush then put over a cream or liquid foundation (without powder otherwise  it will ball up)
  • Start in hairline downwards so you do not get too much product on your face, then brush towards your ears as so it does not creep down your face
  • Blush should not get much lower than nostrils or past pupil
  • Do not smile and apply blusher, the colour may be too low on your face
  • Apply blusher to the highest point of your cheekbone
  • If you apply too much powder blush, use a translucent powder to tame it down
  • If you apply too much cream blush, use your foundation brush with residue to dull it down 
  • If you apply along your cheekbone, try skinny figure 8 motions as this will help achieve the best blended look