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LORELEI Captivating - Large sable eye shader

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“The ability to attract and hold attention of others”

Large Eye shader-Kolinsky Sable


Novice to skilled

  • Entire eye area as a base
  • On the lid, crease and under the eyes


  • Load the brush up with product, pat excess on to side of hand or tap to remove so you have control of the application.
  • Pat or do tiny sweeps with the flat side to give maximum coverage.  (All over the eye areas with a neutral shade as a base or a dark colour for a dramatic look.  Or on the lid for a pop of colour, to create shape.)
  • Use the slim edge of the brush in a drawing motion on the crease or lash line, it is also slender enough to use under the eyes.
  • You can dust off more of the product on the back of your hand or a tissue and then slightly blend with short sharp flicks to soften the edges and follow by blending with LORELEI 'Sublime'-Domed blender.


  • This is a great brush for the lid of the eyes due to its large flat side or great for finer drawing with the tapered tip.
  • It is specifically made for either loose or pressed powders/pigments, holding onto it and getting an even application.
  • Try a more intense look by mixing shadow or pigment and a sealer to form a paste, this will give you an intense shimmer or pop of colour that will last.