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“To charm or enchant in a deceptive way”

Eye shader-Fluffy and dense


Novice to skilled

  • - Applying shadow (sheer or heavy)
  • -Blending
  • -A medium dusting of shimmer
  • -Create a flawless gradient look


The Lorelei Beguile Brush, is great for light washes of colour, medium dustings of shimmer, opaque applications of shadow or even for blending.

  • Use on your entire area as a neutral all over base colour before applying colours to help with blending
  • On the lid for a hue of colour
  • Try a shimmer powder swept over a section of your eye make up, it will give your eyes a little pop
  • Blend edges for a hazed or gradient look


  • It is great for 'packing' product on since it is dense, and is good at blending since it is fluffy.  If you were to have only 2 eye brushes, make this one of them.
  • Fluffy brushes are best for an 'all over' application, for larger areas or for blending
  • Made from pony hair, allowing the follicle to hold onto the powder for a more opaque application