"Pigmentation has a complex set of causes ranging from hormonal influences to too much sun exposure to our genetic make-up which can combine to form unevenly coloured patches. The good news however is that discolouration and patchy pigmentation can be controlled and repaired in many cases. It requires a well-balanced formulation of active ingredients such as vitamin A combined with other essential nutrients like antioxidants and peptides which help to prevent the formation of melanin (pigment) which is responsible for dark marks and uneven skin tone. And most importantly a quaky sunscreen that protects against UV-A and UV-B rays. Using the right formulations of very special ingredients, unique skin treatment techniques and being patient with treatment, discoloured skin can he smoothed. renewed ... and repaired." - Dr Ernst Eiselen, MBChB, FRACCP


There is no doubt that too much sunlight over lengthy periods can cause damage to skin cells. Ultraviolet light can also destroy vital cancer-suppressing genes which may eventually lead to the formation of skin cancer. On the other hand, it's reassuring to know that cells return all the qualities they need to be rescued, rejuvenated and form new generations of skin cells. The gradual introduction of vitamin A and other stimulating ingredients help to restore skin cells, so they become healthy-looking and youthful again. Remember supplement with Vitamin D at all times.” - Dr Ernst Eiselen, MRChB, FRACGP


"The skin is a common condition caused by inherited and metabolic factors as well as environmental conditions such as heat, cold and pollution. Common moisturisers often attempt to temporarily place extra water in the skin or prevent water evaporation from the skin by applying water-repellent sealants on the skin. It is more effective to assist the skin in building up natural sealants as protective barriers in the skin to restrict water loss through it. The best hydration occurs not from without, but from within. The application of highly active vitamins A, C and E combined with other antioxidants and peptides is the most efficient means to achieve this. It in turn checks the formation of lines and the ageing process, giving skin a bloom of youthfulness and radiance.” - Dr Ernst Eiselen, MBChB, FRACCP


"Ageing of the skin is a fact of human life, but understanding the nature of how skin cells work helps us to slow down the inevitable ageing process. Years of subtle yet serious vitamin A shortages can lead to the skin ageing too quickly. Slowing down the ageing process, preserving our vital immune functions and assisting in prevention of skin cancer can all be achieved by the regular application of enough topical vitamin A, peptides and antioxidants. Protection against excessive exposure to ultraviolet light by using the right sunscreen is an essential way to maintain firm, youthful-looking skin well into our golden years.” - Dr Ernst Eiselen, MRChB, FRACGP


"There are many reasons why cells become inflamed and over-sensitive. Physical triggers like sunlight, cold, heat, various chemicals and pollution can all cause inflammation. The best way to address this common condition is to gradually increase the topical application of vitamin A and antioxidants. In the process it creates a natural barrier between skin and the causes of sensitivity. This results in less inflammation, leaving it looking and feeling better and more comfortable.” - Dr Ernst Eiselen, MBChB, FRACGP


"Problem skin known as acne is caused by an imbalance of male hormones which can affect both men and women from puberty onwards. In most men it settles down completely more often than not, but in women it can be a life-long problem needing long-term care. Blocked pores leading to blackheads, inflammation and pimples damage the self-esteem of young and old alike. But help is at hand. Intensive medical research has proved vitamin A to be the only molecule that can possibly cure or permanantly control this common condition, leaving skin looking smooth, healthy and radiant again.” - Dr Ernst Eiselen, MBChB, FRACGP